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Weber Stainless Steel/Gas Cleaning Kit

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Make your barbecue cooking and looking like new – season after season. With the cleaning kit specially made for stainless steel Weber® gas barbecues you have all the essentials to give your barbecue a deep cleaning from time to time and prepping it for your next cooking session.




This will keep your barbecue in top shape – ensuring high performance, safety, and ultimate grilling experiences. Includes brushes, cleaning products, sponge, cloth and Non-Stick Spray.

All you need for maintaining your stainless steel grill

• 30 cm Grill Brush with strong, thick stainless steel bristles for keeping the grates clean
• Q & Grate Cleaner for getting rid of dirt on your grates easily
• Sponge with rough abrasive side for the grates and Flavorizer Bars, and a soft side for other surfaces
• Cookbox Scraper for getting dirt efficiently out of your grill
• Spider Guard Brush that makes it easy to get into every corner of the grill
• Grill Brush for easy cleaning of the burners
• Non-Stick Spray that helps food release easily from the grates
• Stainless Steel Cleaner that protects and make all stainless steel parts shine
• Microfibre Cloth for wiping off and polishing your grill

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