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Slice bread into a checkerboard Style making sure not to go all the way through the bread. Having a super sharp knife is essential. Mix up unsalted butter with your seasoning and some Garlic Puree and coat all the Pockets of Bread, Stuff in your toppings of your of your choice. 

• Artisan Bread loaf x2

• Herbs – Italian seasoning 

• Garlic puree cheese 

• Tomato’s 

• Mozzarella 

• Cheddar 

• Olive oil 

• Smoked sea salt 

• Chorizo – Pepperoni 

• Butter – unsalted

Soak your corn in water to Rehydrate it and set the grill to 135c . Once the grill is preheated, shake off excess water and get the corn on the grill.

Give them a generous sprinkle of Mexican rub, turn them over in 10-15 mins and season the other side. Finely chop your coriander ready to go in the sauce, the sauce doesn’t Have to be exact Just equal Parts Sour cream and mayonnaise plus a teaspoon of Mexican Rub give it a good mix.

Have it ready for when your corn comes off the grill, when your corn comes of the grill take a basting brush layer it with this beautiful mixture finish with Lime juice and Grated Parmesan.

• Bacon – Streaky 

• Traeger Pork & Poultry rub 

• Canadian maple syrup 

• Perforated Foil trays 

Line up your Streaky Bacon in Perforated trays and evenly distribute maple Syrup Up and down each slice of Bacon.

If you have a Basting Brush this makes it Super Simple. Set your grill to 105c if your using a Traeger hit that Super Smoke Button if not then indirect Set up will work perfectly depending on the thickness of Bacon this could take 1-2 hours.

Sprinkle your Pork & Poultry rub generously and get grilling.

• Soy sauce (Less Salt)

• Teriyaki Sauce

• Crunchy Peanut Butter

• Coconut milk


•Mild Curry Powder 

Grab a bowl and mix 250ml peanut butter with a little dab of coconut milk couple of tablespoons of teriyaki add in your soy sauce as your binder.

Whisk it up, if its still a little thick add some more coconut milk once your happy with your sauce.

Put it in a dipping dish and finish with finely chopped chives and sprinkle some mild curry powder.

Season Beef with Angus & Oink Pigusus (20% fat 80% lean ground Beef)

Take a handful of Beef make into a Flat Patty on your hand grab a Baby Bel or your favourite cheese round and shape around the cheese for that perfect Beefy cheese slider.

Set grill to 135c, Before Placing them on the Grill give them another cheeky Sprinkle of Pigasus.

Amazing for left over Beef or Steak important to have Small pieces thinly cut up Season with Traeger Prime rib rub generously,  get them all skewered up and grill at 135c.

Prepare chicken Breasts By Slicing into strips removing any unwanted bits (i.e. gristly/fatty Bits) looking for strips 1-2 cm in width 

Once the Strips are prepped Sprinkle generously with Angus & Oink Tandoori Rub ensuring to get a good covering as you want to make it Bold & Beautiful.

Skewer your chicken strips if your using wooden Skewers you may want to Soak them in water first make sure your grill is at 135c and cook until Temp Reaches 75c

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