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Nice and simple recipe, 1st start by chopping chives in to small pieces, same with your chilli, grate some cheddar and cut some cheddar in to cubes. Next up lay your streaky bacon across a board and give a light dusting of a seasoning of your choice on both sides. Then get your beef into a bowl and add a generous helping of seasoning, add chopped chillies and chopped chives and grated cheddar and mix in until you have an even mix.

Making the balls ….. Make a patty in your hands using the mince mix, place a cube of cheddar in the centre and make a ball around it. Now wrap in the streaky bacon, use 1 piece if making small balls or 2 pieces if making larger balls.

Once you have made all of your balls you can either smoke them in your grill between 100c to 130c for around an hour to an hour and a half, or your can cook hot and fast between 180c to 220c. Once cooked remove from the grill , place onto your serving board and either dip into a sauce or just drizzle some over, top with grated cheddar, chopped chilli’s and chives. SERVE AND ENJOY THE CHEESEY MELTED CENTRE

• Beef Mince

• Chives

•Red Chilli

• Streaky Bacon

• Seasoning of your choice

• Cheddar 

• BBQ sauce of your choice

First up peel your potatoes and cut them in to small cubes, get them into boil for around 10 minuets until soft, then remove from the boil. Next up is the tenderloin, cut any fat or silver skin off using a sharp knife, now cover in the honey and mustard seasoning and put onto the grill at 180c basting in butter every 10 minutes.

The Side…… Place your wok on to the grill and add some oil, allow to get hot and add your bacon lardons, fry until crispy then add your potatoes , after around 2 minuets pour into a bowl until they are needed in the next step. Pour single cream into your wok and add the Philadelphia, keep mixing until you get a steady consistency, now add 2 tea spoons of whole grain mustard a nice glug of white wine and a sprinkle of smoked sea salt (taste and add more if required), add your spinach to the sauce once this has wilted down you can add back in your bacon and potatoes and stir in.

Remove your tenderloin from the grill, slice and plate up. Add your creamy potato side to the plate ….. NOW TUCK IN AND ENJOY

• Pork Tenderloin

• Potatoes 

• Single Cream

• Philadelphia

• Honey Mustard Seasoning 

• Whole Grain Mustard

• Olive oil 

• Bacon Lardons

• White Wine

• Smoked Sea Salt

• Spinach

• Butter

The Fries…. First up cut your potatoes into chunky fries and put them into par boil for around 5 minuets, remove from the boil and add a small amount of oil all over now give a nice dusting of tater tosser rub, place onto the Traeger to finish them off.

The Burger….. Crack 3 eggs into a bowl and whisk, get a tray and pour in your panko bread crumbs and mix in a good serving of honey chilli rub. Grab your chicken breasts and dip into the egg making sure to cover the whole breast then straight into you breadcrumbs again be sure to cover the whole breast, once both breast are coated its time to get them on to the grill with your chunky fries.

Lets get building….. So after around 20/25 minuets the chicken should be done you will be looking for an internal temperature of 75c. Grab your brioche bun add a good amount of the mango chilli sauce to the bottom bun then top with lettuce, chicken, cheese and a dollop of the mango chilli sauce, then another breast and some more sauce, cheese and finally top with the coleslaw and your top bun. Finally make a stack of your chunky fries next to your burger and add a sprinkle of smoked sea salt and top with that beautiful mango chilli sauce . NOW TUCK IN AND ENJOY

• Chicken Breast x 2

• Coleslaw 

• Burger Cheese 

• Mango Chilli Sauce 

•  Lettuce

• Potatoes 

• Tater Tosser Rub 

• Olive Oil 

•  Eggs

• Honey Chilli Rub

• Brioche Bun

• Smoked Sea Salt

 First up get yourself some chicken breasts and evenly coat with the tandoori seasoning, now slice your halloumi into nice thick slices and do the same coat evenly all over (don’t be shy). Get your chicken onto your grill at 200c , after around 10 minuets add your halloumi slices. Whilst they are cooking get your cast iron pan and add some olive oil, chopped coriander and chopped chillies you can also add some of the tandoori seasoning if you wish, now chuck the pan in the grill so as it can get nice and hot ready for the prawns. After around 20 minuets or when your chicken hits an internal temperature of 75c remove from the grill and allow to rest, remove your halloumi at the same time so as not to over cook. Put your naan bread onto the grill and add your prawns to you pan, these are only going to need around 2 minuets, once your prawns have a nice colour on them remove the pan and your naans from the grill.

Time to plate up ……. place your halloumi slices onto your serving plate, now cut your chicken into thick slices and add on top of your halloumi, next add 1 or 2 prawns to the top of the chicken now add a little dollop of your mint yogurt. plate up your naan breads and add the rest of your chopped up coriander and your chopped chillies over the whole dish. Serve and enjoy these little bites of joy !

• Halloumi

• Prawns

• Chicken Breasts 

• Mint Yogurt

• Tandoori Seasoning 

• Naan Bread

• Olive Oil 

• Coriander

• Red Chilli

This is OUR take on the world famous Philly cheesesteak completely different but tastes soooo good!

1st stage is the prep. Get your self a ramekin and some soft butter, add chopped Parsley, chopped Chilli and chopped Garlic to the butter and give a good mash up so its all mixed together, Now slice in half your ciabatta subs and spread a nice thick layer of butter over them, this will melt down beautifully. finely dice 1 onion ready for frying. Grab your steak and slice into really thin slices and season, whilst you are seasoning the steak do the same with the mince. Now you are ready to start cooking.

Get your Plancha red hot and add olive oil, when the oil is hot enough start to fry your onions, you want these to start going a nice golden brown colour, next up start frying off your mice and steak (add more seasoning if you need to) now mix your onions and mice together and add a load of grated cheddar and keep mixing until the cheese starts melting and going stringy, now add the steak and mix in. Final stage place your buttered ciabatta subs face down on the plancha to start to toast and let all of the flavoursome butter soak in, flip over and load up all of that cheesy meaty goodness. Plate up add more grated cheese and chopped parsley and chopped chilli’s. Now tuck in and enjoy this absolute beast of an ESSEX CHEESESTEAK!!

• 1 x Steak

• 1 x Pack Of Mince Beef

• Grated Cheddar Cheese

• 1 x Red Chilli

• Butter

• Parsley

• Garlic

• Ciabatta subs 

• Onion 

• Seasoning of your choice

• Olive Oil

First step get yourself a whole chicken slice into the breast 4 to 6 times this will allow your rub to get right into the meat, cover generously with a seasoning of your choice (don’t be shy). Next up peel your spuds and cut into small bite sized cubes so as they cook evenly and at the same time as the chicken.

Next grab your poultry roaster and pour red wine in to the well until its filled around half way, add chopped garlic and a few sprigs of rosemary. Now sit your chicken over the well and scatter your spuds around the bottom, this will allow all of the juices from the chicken to soak into the spuds. place the poultry roaster into the middle of the grill with your charcoal set up either side, this will allow your BBQ to act like an oven and not just burn the chicken close the lid and leave until the internal temperature of your chicken hits 75c.

Once your chicken is up to temperature remove from the grill and let rest for around 10 minuets. whilst the chicken is resting make yourself a thick gravy and poor the contents of the poultry roaster well in to it stirring continuously until you have the perfect consistency.

Now plate up your chicken and slice, you should now have a juicy flavoursome chicken cooked to perfection, plate up your potatoes which will be so soft and full of flavour of the chicken. grab your amazing gravy pour over the top and enjoy!

• Red Wine

• Rosemary 

• Garlic 

• Gravy Granules

• Potatoes

• Whole Chicken

• Seasoning of your choice

First things first get your BBQ set up, now we are going to be cooking directly on the charcoals so remove your cooking grates and spread a good amount of lit charcoal across your grill making sure that it is level.

Lay out 2 thick sheets of tin foil one on top of the other as this will help stop the foil breaking and the dish falling out in the grill. Grab your kale and do a nice thick layer across your foil. Lay your side of salmon on top of your kale and season generously with Traeger’s fin and feather rub ( you can use any seasoning that you like we just feel like this rub works amazing ), slice up 2 lemons and lay 6 to 7 slices across the top of the salmon. now wrap tightly and place on top of your charcoal. Now this only needs to be cooking for around 20 minuets as you don’t want to dry it out , we like to take the internal temperature to around 55c a lot of people take fish to around 63c but we feel it can be slightly dry. now once you have checked the temperature and it is sitting at 55c remove carefully from the grill so as not to split the foil, remove from the foil and place onto your serving board….. Now tuck in and enjoy. so simple yet so good .

• 1 whole side of Salmon

• Traeger Fin & Feather rub 

• 1 Bag Of Kale 

• 2 Lemons

1st step is to get yourself 2 lobster tails and get them onto your grill at around 200c, place a couple of knobs of garlic and herb butter onto them so as it cooks the butter will melt in nicely and add to the already great flavour of the lobster. Now these will only take around 20 minuets. boil up 300g of macaroni so as it is ready the same time as the lobster. Whilst they are cooking its on to the mac and cheese.

The Mac & Cheese…..Get yourself a large wok into your grill and add 100g of butter and let that melt, now add 100g of flour to make a paste, once that has come together add 600ml of milk adding a bit at a time so as not to get any thick lumps, keep whisking and this should make a beautiful white sauce. Lets add the cheese…. add 250g of cheddar, 200g of mozzarella and 100g of parmesan keep mixing until its all melted together. now is the time to add the secret ingredient …… 3 teaspoons of English mustard (trust us this is a must). Add your macaroni and mix together so it is all evenly distributed.

The Crumb….. place a cast iron skillet onto your grill and allow to get red hot, now add 150g of butter, 1 clove of garlic, when the butter has fully melted mix in 200g of panko bread crumbs, mix altogether and keep turning until you get a lovely brown colour to the crumb.

Dish Up….. Remove your lobster tails from the grill and remove all the meat from in the shells, roughly chop into bitesize chunks. pore your Mac & Cheese in to a large dish and add your lobster and give a good mix so as the lobster is all the way through the dish. Now evenly place the crumb all over the top of the Mac & Cheese.

Serve And Enjoy

• 2 x Lobster Tail

• English mustard

• Garlic & Herb Butter

• 250g butter

• 200g Mozzarella 

• 250g Cheddar 

• 100g Flour

• 600ml Milk

• 100g parmesan

• 300g macaroni

• 1 Garlic Clove

• 200g Panko Breadcrumbs

1st step get yourself a box of wings from your supermarket and split them into drums and flats, this will allow them to cook quicker and more evenly and be a lot easier to shred. Now grab a freezer bag and put your wings into the bag along with a generous amount of buffalo rub (don’t be shy)….. now get them onto your grill at around 200c along with a pack of smoked streaky bacon.

Now for the chillies and chives, chop the chives in to nice small pieces as these will be used for the garnish over the top. The red chillies you want to cut in to good size rings and the green chillies into smaller sized rings.

Time to remove your wings from the grill and shred them, now theses should fall off the bone nice and easy. Remove the bacon and this should be crispy and just break apart into decent size pieces.

Lets make the nachos……. you will need a good sized oven proof dish, start by doing a layer of nachos, then a layer of grated cheddar, layer of mozzarella, layer of shredded chicken, layer of crispy bacon. Now repeat this process again for the next layer, add more cheese on top of the final layer. Now add your chillies and chives and cover with a good coating of buffalo sauce and a sprinkle of paprika. Now put back onto the grill at 200c for around 20 minuets.

Now for the good part….. remove from the grill and squeeze 2 limes over the top, add more buffalo sauce and another sprinkle of chives. Tuck in and enjoy

• 1 pack of wings

• 2 packs of nachos 

• Buffalo sauce 

• Buffalo rub

• smoked streaky bacon

• Cheddar 

• red chillies 

• green chillies 

• chives 

• paprika

BACON- 1st get you streaky bacon and lay out over a wire rack, brush both sides of the bacon with maple syrup and dust both sides evenly with brown sugar, now place on to the grill at 130c for around an hour.

WINGS- grab a pack of wings from your local supermarket, start splitting the wings in to flats and drums, this allows them to cook evenly and we personally thinks it looks better, when they are all split place into a zip shut freezer bag and add your rub (don’t be shy) make sure they are all evenly coated. now add these to your grill for around 45/60 mins until you have a crispy skin.

WAFFLES- Get your waffle iron on the grill over a direct heat, add a knob of butter to each section this will melt instantly, add your pre made waffle mix to the iron and flip it over so it cooks both sides, this will literally take only 30 seconds to cook. now remove from the iron and put on to your serving plate.

now is the time to remove both the wings and the bacon from the grill, roughly chop up your candied bacon, this should be nice and crispy and will break apart. place your wings on top of your waffles and drizzle honey across all of them, now sprinkle over your candied bacon pieces, the final little touch is to crush up a packet of frazzles and lightly dust over the wings.

Tuck in and enjoy

• Waffle mix

•  Wings

• Streaky bacon 

• Brown sugar

• Maple syrup 

• Frazzles 

• Honey Mustard and Bacon rub (Norfolk smoke pit) 

• Butter

• Honey

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